How to know if the stove or insert glass will not be broken in transportation ?

Even if we use a packing studied for a safe transport, sometimes the package arrives broken, you will have to deny it (no recourse if you accept the package)

Should I change the gasket systematically ?

No, if it's recent or sealed, but if you choose a self-cleaning glass, it's strongly advised.

My stove door's screws are blocked, how do I disassemble my window ?

Try putting penetrating oil, leaving it act several hours.

I'm not sure to take the dimensions correctly (eg because my glass is broken or missing) ?

It is sometimes difficult to take dimensions, in this case, try to do our best by helping you of our advice (installation tips tab), but remember that it is better too short than too long !

How do you pack stoves and inserts glass ?

We use a box system that perfectly fits every window associated with a wedging system in the form of angle irons that perfectly protects the glasses.

Are the stoves or inserts the same quality as the original ?

Yes, the Neoceram ceramic glasses we provide are the same used by most major brands like Invicta for example.

I do not know the brand of my stove or insert, what do I do ?

Search in the website the shape of your glass (flat glass tab if it is a rectangle of 4mm and special glass tab for the others), fill the required dimensions, and make a direct order.

Are the glasses compatible with a gas heater ?


Are the glasses compatible with a oven ?


Do you have screen-printed glass ?

No, but you can use a paint for BBQ in the hearth side through 3 layers (let dry each layer 24h), to hide the brightest part, use coachbuilder tape.